About us

Our company

Founded in 2004, Rever is a Belgian software publisher, spin-off of the database engineering lab of the University of Namur.

Our unique software solutions are the product of over 150 man-years of continued innovation and R&D. Rever's software solutions help meet the Digital Trust challenge by providing organizations with the most advanced methods and tools for managing and governing data and information.

To date, more than 40,000 users worldwide rely on Rever technology to help them deal with the wide variety of data and business challenges they face. The main industries we currently serve include the Financial and Insurance sector, Public Sector, Automotive, Aerospace and many other regulated industries where compliance is pivotal to their success.

What we do

At the core of our DNA is our deep rooted belief that « Excellence in managing information drives business ». Information reveals data as an organization’s most valuable asset. It has the power to make your business unique. By creating a unified view, Rever’s technology is allowing you to Master, Optimize & Protect Data unlocking the true value of business information.

Our clients use our technologies to :

  • Manage regulatory compliance such as GDPR
  • Map, document and modernize IT systems
  • Increase information protection
  • Drastically accelerate IT projects while mitigating critical risks


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Rever has its international headquarters at the Business & Technology Incubator (Icab) in Brussels. The Rever software is developed by our IT team at the Business & Learning Center in Namur.